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A7 Platform Lite

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  • Introducing the A7 Platform
  • Bringing your business into e-commerce!
  • Start engaging your e-commerce customers!
  • Manage your business operations effectively!
  • Complete automation. Focus on driving your business forward.
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App reviews 44
  • Impress with Wordpress
  • Moodle - usage and partners
  • TikiWiki - Usage and partners
  • Dolibarr - Usage and Partners
  • Quickbooks - Usage and partners
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App guides 23
  • VTiger - Getting started
  • Feng office - Getting started
  • AllocPSA - Getting started
  • WordPress - Getting started
  • Drupal - Getting started
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Inter-app integration 16
  • Benefits of Integrating Quickbooks and SugarCRM
  • Benefits of integrating Drupal and Quickbooks
  • Wordpress and VTiger Integration – Lead Captures and CRM Made Simple
  • Benefits of integrating VTiger and LimeSurvey
  • Benefits of integrating WordPress and MyVerifiedID
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Managing your A7 platform 4
  • How do I manage my billing?
  • What are the different user roles for my account?
  • Managing your A7 Platform: Using Impac!
  • Sharing Your Platform and Apps With Teams
Getting Started 1
  • How do I know which apps to start with?
Dashboard FAQ 4
  • What is the difference between standard apps and premium apps?
  • How do I know which apps enjoy cross-application data sharing?
  • Why can’t I delete an app immediately after I add it to my dashboard?
  • I downloaded the same app twice. Will I lose the data in the app if I delete one of them?
Billing FAQ 7
  • What is the difference in billing between standard apps and Premium Apps?
  • What is our billing cycle for standard apps?
  • How are the standard app subscription charges calculated?
  • Will I be billed twice if i have two of the same standard app on my dashboard?
  • Can I choose to pay using another currency other than USD?
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Impac! FAQ (Reporting Dashboard) 1
  • When I try to add a widget to the dashboard, why does it appear as "Data not found?"
Support FAQ 4
  • How do I get a tutorial of the apps I choose?
  • What if I have questions about an app which doesn’t have a tutorial?
  • How do I submit a support query regarding the usage of A7 AppsConnect?
  • What can I do if I need additional services for configuration and implementation of A7 Platform apps?